Vera Bradley A Colorful Day Las Vegas April 2012 Vera Bradley A Colorful Day Las Vegas April 2012 I'm HERE! So excited to be at a VB event. 153910866 Mom and Me 153910863 Be Coloful? Thanks, I think I will! 153910864 Beautiful Tables Tablecloths made of Summer Cottage fabric, stunning. 153910865 Front and Center 153910853 The Set 153910867 Co-Founder, Barb, and event facilitator, Monica Barbara Bradley Baekgaard 153910854 Barbara Baekgaard and Me She told me I was adorable and could be one of her grandchildren. So wonderful. 153910859 Andy and Liz Doing the trend report. 153910855 Heidi Floyd Ambassador for the VB Foundation for Breast Cancer 153910856 Kris Connell Real Simple expert 153910857 Hanging Organizer/Gift Wrap Station Kris explained how to use the hanging organizer as a portable gift wrap station complete with bows, cards, tape, ribbon... then she asked, "Is there a Lisa Abbey here?" and she gave it to me because I had tweeted that I was front and center, ha! 153910858 The gang Barb, Heidi, Monica, Andy, and Liz 153910849 The line We had a shopping extravaganza time and this was one of the lines to checkout, whoa. 153910848 Me on the Set 153910850 Mom and Me on the set 153910851 VB Cover Shoot There was a chance to pose with the cover set of the latest VB Catalog. So much fun. 153910860 Prize Wheel My mom got to spin the prize wheel and we won pen/pencil sets in Very Berry Paisley 153910862 Couch Area I love this couch area. There were several around the showcase, it made me want to decorate my house this way. 153910861 Fall Preview Dorm Room There was a showcase for a Fall Preview with new products, colors, etc. My favorite is this Paisley meets Plaid sheet set... I can't wait to get it for myself... or at least SOMETHING in this new color. Will debut in July 2012 154053838 Rugs are Back Looks like the rugs are coming back, so excited, I get so jealous every time I walk into my closest VB retailer when they have a rug that isn't made any longer. 154053839 Va Va Bloom bed set Here is a lower "bunk" made up with the Va Va Bloom pattern. I love this one very much. I will definitely get a piece in this. My local retailer, Kristi received a tote in this pattern! A little jealous face over that, ha! 154053840 The room It's just such a fun and COLORFUL place. I really enjoyed the "sneak peak" so to speak. 154053841 Ian and Me Super nice guy facilitating with the video production. 153910868 Liz Money and Me Liz on Location Trend Reporter for VB 153910869 Heidi Floyd and Me 153910870 Me, Heidi, and Mom 153910871 Au Revoir, Vera event. 153910852 Our loot This is what we walked away with at the end of the day. 153910872