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The Vera Bradley Foundation for Breast Cancer

 The Vera Bradley Foundation for Breast Cancer was founded on courage, compassion and commitment. Moved by the loss of their dear friend, Mary Sloan, Vera Bradley Co-founders Barbara Bradley Baekgaard and Patricia R. Miller embraced the cause and began raising funds for breast cancer research in 1993. Their mission: To save lives and to put an end to the disease that took their friend and so many more.


 Since its inception in 1998, the Vera Bradley Foundation has raised nearly $15 million and has pledged an additional $5 million to the IU team, co-led by American Society of Clinical Oncology President Emeritus George Sledge, M.D. and Dr. Hari Nakshatri, M.D.


 Thanks to steadfast support from you, our partners and sponsors, and events like the Vera Bradley Classic Golf and Tennis Tournament and Tickled Pink, the Vera Bradley Foundation has become a nationally recognized organization committed to a future free from breast cancer.


 Contact the Vera Bradley Foundation:

P.O. Box 80201
Fort Wayne, IN 46898-0201
(260) 207-5186


This was taken at the Colorful Day in Las Vegas, I was there and she was inspiring, to say the least... and those cookies and pink lemonade were AMAZING!

Heidi Floyd, FORMER Vera Bradley Foundation Ambassador

 I am saddened this morning to hear that Heidi Floyd is no longer serving as the Vera Bradley Foundation's Ambassador.  Heidi is truly an inspiration, and I hope to someday hear her speak again.  My best wishes to her and her family and I hope that Vera Bradley knows what they have lost in her!!


  At two months pregnant with her son, Heidi Floyd, a happily married mother of four, was diagnosed with breast cancer. While undergoing treatment, she faced the challenge of balancing family, hers and her son's health, and work, during an otherwise joyful time in her life.

 With grace, honesty and humor, Floyd recounts her exceptional story of strength and courage. She shares personal accounts of her experiences with breast cancer to deliver a compelling message of the importance of research for prevention, detection, treatment and a cure.

 As Ambassador for the Vera Bradley Foundation for Breast Cancer, Floyd has become an advocate for the cause. She has spoken to thousands of men and women across the country at intimate events, company meetings and national conventions, relating her moving story and inspirational message. Floyd's passion and candor resonate in a powerful way with audiences.

 Floyd's presence will add a meaningful element to your event, and leave a long-lasting impression. Audiences who have had the pleasure of meeting Heidi have described her as “marvelous”, “vivacious” and “enthralling."