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Vera Sighting at the MOVIES!

Posted on July 1, 2013 at 1:30 PM

Over the weekend, my boyfriend took me to see The Heat (an adorable movie with Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy)

Since it is a first run movie, I decided NOT to inform the entire theatre that I saw not one, not two, but THREE Vera sightings in the movie.  And they even TALK about one of the bags.

I was caught off guard and will have to go see the movie again in order to try to snap a couple of pictures of the bags.  Both uses are of Melissa McCarthy's brother's girlfriends.

First on Girlfriend #1 (because I don't remember the character's name) I caught a glimpse of a Va Va Bloom shoulder strap!  I got so excited.  You cannot see it very closely but in the next frame you can tell that it is in fact a Va Va Bloom tote of some kind.

Next Girlfriend #2 (I think her name is Gina) is leaving her apartment with a rolling luggage in Boysenberry, on top of that is a Paisley Meets Plaid duffle!  I was almost screaming with delight.  Then they even talked about the fact that she has a rolling piece of luggage and that it was a Christmas present from her boyfreind, Melissa McCarthy's brother.

I can't wait to see it again, 1) because it was hilarious, and 2) to see if I can't get a pic of these items to post here!

Here's to Colorful Summer Movies!


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